I Feel Like A Freak

I have always known when company was coming, who was on the phone before it rang, and i've always picked up on others emotions. My "preminitions" are what make me feel like a freak though Im scared litteraly I want to know why i can see these things or feel them. I have several instances one my sister was leaving my house one night and i waved quickly out the door at her and had to turn back around to see if what i just saw was really there and i saw her car mangeled and torn up with her arm that was waving was bloody and broken just haning from her shoulder and sure enough the next day we got a phone call from my other sister saying the before sister had been in a car accident her car was totaled and her left arm broke. Another involves my nnephew and i had awoken one morning with a terriable feeling soon made all the phone calls everyone was fine so i went to bed the next day i had gotten off of work went  to my fathers and went home i had taken the long way home from my fathers which i only do 2 out of 100 times i visit my father( i just had a feeling to avoid going the other way) i hadnt been home 30 min. and we gota phone call that my nephew had been hit by an automobile and was in the hospital with a brain bleed and other horriable things. Ok well the weird thing besides the feeling the day before was that i was less than 2 min. from my nephew who was stuck under a car  right where if i would have taken my short cut home i ould have been definsless to help him.any way I can tell you when someone is pregnant i cant tell who i can only tell when someone is. Or if im going to see somone i havent seen in awhile i know after a few preminitions that i will see them very soon.I have been plauged with this for pretty much my whole life. I feel like a freak. I need thearpy and not the kind that theyll lock me up or tell me its all coincedence. I figured maybe if i had some other like me to talk to it would be more of a gift thana burdon.
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Is there someone I can talk to about my dreams... I've been having them since I was younger and as an adult they are becoming more vivid and more real... Dreamt on Monday n Tuesday night about my puppy dying didn't say anything as I didn't want to even speak of it... Today he was run over and killed... The night my grandpa died I had a dream of him on a little island in middle of ocean ( like you c on cartoons) leaning against a tree pointing at a watch... Hadn't spoken to family yet so didn't know he was dead until I called them to say about dream n found out then my aunt had given him a watch for his bday just weeks before; none of which I knew about until I called... Am I crazy.?

I think that the dreams or "premonitions" are your mind and spirits way of informing you to be prepared for horrific events in your life. When you dream or have a premonition it's your minds way of training you for whatever may happen in your immediate future. So when you go to bed at night prepare yourself for a training lesson and take with you the knowledge you learned while you were unconscious. You're not a freak and you're not alone. You are unique in every way but not alone. There are probably thousands of others that feel the same way that you do. Don't be afraid of your gift. Open it up and be happy that your mind has warned you ahead of time to be prepared to face tragedy and loss. Imagine if you will a big storm coming and there's nothing you can do but to let it do its damage. Now imagine if you were to see that same storm before it happened. What could you do to help the people you saw being swept away by the powerful floods? Perhaps you could be a meteorologist and detect the storm with your radar and send out a warning to the county's who may be affected by the storm? Just like the bad events that happen in life that seem to cripple us there is always a storm that passes and leaves behind a rainbow. <br />
Blessed be

Now this is the kind of answer to all this happening that we all need to hear and listen to. Greatly expressed and welcomed by everyone. You are a great expressionist and would be a very good counsellor ....thankyou..I for one really needed this tonight.

It's perfectly normal for these things to happen to people. It just happens to some more than to others. I think it's because our lives are planned before we ever come here and some of us remember what's going to happen next in our lives in the form of premonitions.