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Precognitive Visions

I have had precognition visions that come true but most of them are about my self and my future and they''re boring. I had precognitive visions about the death of Princess Diana and Mother theresa. Before Princess Diana; a picture popped up in my mind; it was someone in a coffin; I didn't know what exactly meant and Maybe I thought I was losing a loved one; I think two weeks later; I heard about Princess Diana's accident and death. A week Later; I had another vision of a coffin but someone wearing white in the coffin; I was a little bit scared; I thought I might be losing a loved one too; but a week later I think; I heard Mother Theresa died; I was surprised that my premonitions came true. the ones about myself; usually going to visit my family or walking to the store. I haven't had a lot of premonitions in a while.
LittleLena LittleLena 36-40, F 9 Responses Mar 17, 2011

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write me a message because I can't view your profile. I would like to talk about hearing premonitions.

thank you for sharing :-) that's very interesting :-) if I have a very interesting premonition; I will share it :-)

I can't 'read' auras but I can feel when other people are depressed or sad or when they are hurt. I kind of hear it and I turn towards who ever it is and they are usually depressed or something. I also have premonitions which are mostly sound or sight. When I have a full one which is all the senses it usually lasts a long time and is very vivid. I hear the exact things and they come true to the letter the next day or week or month. I've seen a lot of dreams recently and several of them came true the next day which usually means one of the big dreams is coming. If you do get anymore premonitions do tell.

thank you cocobutter :-)

lol; the bad ones stay away; and the good ones stay :-) I hope you get aura read too :-)

thank you mother :-)

good for you Little Lena

cocoabutter-sometimes it's better to know :-)<br />
Marji-I don't think so. I usually have them when I'm stressed or going through difficulty. when they do; they happen right before I drift off to sleep. that's cool about the guys' aura :-)my aura is not that strong; but I can pick up on how nice or not nice people are.

I kind of miss them. it will be nice to know what happens next :-)