Leviathan's Eat People

Some nights I go into a trance feeling like someone is watching me like it wants to hurt me sometimes i get this vision of a leviathan is going to find out where i am I begin to wimper at first then i go deeper i see one of the characters from Supernatural been killed by a Leviathan I think it was Kevin Tran I go deeper into what i call Sleep Paralysis I have a Premonition of me been eating alive by the Leviathan and I feel this sensation on my neck across and up to my head and feels like I have been eating alive by the Leviathan raping me at first all choked up then I wake up and actually felt less choked and I start coughing after that happened like I was there but I didn't see past of seen Kevin Tran been eating by the Leviathan I thought that was going to be me that morning.
Williamskristin14 Williamskristin14
Sep 19, 2012