My Teacher Died And Could Have Prevented It From Happening

When I was in high school about ten years ago I had a premonition a teacher was going to die the next day. This feeling came over me very strong and more so when I asked him a question about getting my grade up in the class. He kind of chuckled at me and said a few things but during this time is when I experienced a slow motion movie of my teacher talking to me. I just remember thinking this will be the last time I'll see him alive.

The next day, to my suprise my teacher died of a heart attack and felt chills the next day. I almost said something to Mr. Dahm the day before, I was the last to leave the class room and just gave him one last stare. I feel terrible to this day about what happened. I didn't know 100% sure it was going to happen but knew what I felt was unusual at the time.
nschanen nschanen
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012