The Dunblane Massacre Of Young Children.

i had a dream that i was in a small town lookin after my niece who was in her buggy. she suddenly disappeared and i was distraught and went looking 4 her. i found myself wandering into a school. i looked in the first classroom i came to and there were no children there. loads of little chairs and desks were knocked over and i realised i was in a primary school. i looked up a long corrider and a seen a man altho i cud not make out wat he looked like. i woke suddenly and got out of bed as i felt sumthin wrong. i cudnt believe wat i seen. the very street i was in was on the news and the school. and the man i seen in the distance in a corridor must hav been the gunman. wat can i do about these premonitions
perridot perridot
Jan 23, 2013