I Had Premonitions All My Life

SInce I was a little girl I had premonitions . Sometimes I am  awake when they happen , however the most of my premonotion happen when I am sleep. My dreams are so different when I have a premonition, they are so real they are not normal dreams. Most of the time is something with my family , when something is wrong. My first premonition happend when I was about 4 years old , my father was working an a contruction , in a building , he was in the 8 floor when he felt . I was having luch with my mom and brother when my mom said: dad will be here soon. I said : no he won't today , I get up from the table and left into my room. Six hours later my ancle came to the house to told us what had happened, he was alive but had many broken bones. Until now my mom can't understand how I knew. I never tell anyone about it , because people don't believe, and sometimes I feel like a weirdo.I will like to understand this gift a little better, but I can't. I also can see auras, I see them all the time . My husband believes in me because it happend so many times with him, but other then that I can't talk to people about my gift. My mom used to thing that I was evil when i was little just because , one time she broke her leg.The funny thing is that a couple of day before I have told her that she was going to break her leg. After that she ask me how i knew , and I didn't know. There was something inside of me that knew.,I wish I can understand better ,so a lease I can tell people what is going to happen before it happens, but I can't. I knew that my granfather was going to have a heart attack ,but I didn't know when . A week later he had one , he survived thanks god . If there is somebody out there that knows how to understand this better I will love to know.

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

See, I do the same thing. But it's always been more of a flash some time before it happens, or something like 2 seconds before it happens.... even then I can icture everything, and the feeling is just sooo weird, because then I'm doing it! My dad says it's just a coincidence, but it's been many years' worth of coincidences... It's been happening forever. I probably shouldn't even be telling anyone this because whenever I tell anyone something [good or bad] about me that i've noticed to be different it either seems to just disappears from me...or gets worse. (depending on wether it was actually good or not.) and I kinda like my dreams or whatever they are... ;)