Higher Forces At Work

My father was dying of cancer in 2002.  He was married to his second wife since 1966.  They never had any children. His first wife, my mother, died in l958 from childbirth complications.  My father told me before he died he wanted me to buried him with my mother.  Mary was married to him for over 32 years and I wasn't about to hurt her feelings.
After he died, she called me in California and said his last words were to please bury him with my mother.  I was surprised that she was okay with this.

My mother's grave was a family plot with her mother, father, and sister already there.  I had given the paperwork to my aunt's son to bury  his mom (my mother's sister ) years earlier.  When I called to ask  him to return  the papers to my husband who was in NY he said NO!   He didn't even know there was a family plot until I told him.  The reason for his refusal was that his mother and everybody in his family hated my father.  He  didn't want my dad in the same grave next to his mother .  I was furious.

At that point,  my husband, brother, and stepmother said don't keep fighting and bury him with his parents and brother because there was space.  I said no because we all know what he wanted.  My father was in the morgue and the time was running out so I decided to have him cremated.  This would give me time to deal with my cousin's refusal.

i was still in California.  I started calling different places in NYC.  Finally, I picked one  that wasn't that far from where my husband was staying.  When my stepmother met my husband there to sign papers she had a very strange look on her face.  He thought it had to do with cremation since we are all catholics.  It wasn't.  She told my husband you're not going to believe this but this is where Pat's first wife had her wake.

I was completely blown away because growing up I always thought my mother had her wake at  an Irish place called Kennedy's.  When they tore it down I remember feeling very sad.   Mary told me when my mother died Kennedy's was already booked so they had it at Sheridans. Now it had a completely different name  "Century"   and was a hispanic funeral home.   When I arrived I asked the owner if I could go  downstairs where my mother's funeral  had taken place.  I felt a strange peace.  Everything still looked like it was in the 50's. The owner said they never changed it very much. 

Next day, we discover at the cemetary office that  another copy was on file.   First, we had a beautiful Irish wake with a harp player at my brother's house.  Next day a mass and burial.  I never told by two male cousins.  They found out five years later when they went to bring flowers to their mom and saw in big letters my father's name on top of the headstone.

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God always work in his miraculous ways we don't understand.Its great you believed and trusted.