I can't say that I have official visions of things that will pass, but I am definately sensitive to what is going on around me. I've known things were going to happen, or that there was someone I would never see again, that sort of thing. I often have "deja vu", but very vividly, for seconds to even minutes. I've had dreams that pan out exactly as I'm experiening an event. If I think about something, I can get the answer in a few days. I can't count how many times I've thought about a so-and-so I haven't seen in ages and then they call out of the blue, or I run into them a day later. This has been so even for trivial things such as a band, or an actor I haven't heard about in awhile. It's kind of creepy, but I suppose it happens for a reason. I do wish though, that I had more control over these things, but I guess we would all like a little more control in life!
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I have premonitions also. Most recently as I was being seated at a computer to taking my nursing boards I had this overwhelming feeling of doom as he brought me to the seat. I just felt a bad feeling about that spot. So needless to say I failed my boards,though I studied my *** of for it. Also strangely a week prior to my test I told myself I need to look up the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism,because for some reason I thought I might get a question about it in a select all that apply question. I almost had forgotten about until just before I went in the building I looked it up. Much to my suprise I got that exact question it was erie. But it was such a strong feeling that I knew I better look it up. Through out my life I have had other feelings such as this but this is the latest premonition.

If you have a deja vu that is very vivid, and things happen exactly, then it's more similar to a precognition. One way to get more control over them is by documenting them and verify them. Imagine if these are memories you send to yourself over time, what would be the primary purpose for your to send these messages to yourself? To a point the 'how' is not as important as the 'why'

i get the EXACT same thing/things. Thinking about people, or things happening, and then a few days later, bam. And it's happened way too often to just be coincidental.<br />
And when deja vu strikes, it s exact. And they seem to be getting longer. And now, it seems half the time, they involve me going 'whoa, deja vu'. Does that ever happen to you?