Finally Believing In My Visons/premonitions

when I was about 6 years old, i was sleeping in my bed and awoke facing the window. the moonlight was shinning through but there was a black shadow figure coming through towards me. I ran into my mothers room but she wouldn't let me sleep with her because I would kick her, so she made me go back into my room and turn the light on.

one night, my mother was in the kitchen cooking and I was in my room watching tv. the radio was playing in the living room and suddenly the volume went sky high, then back down to low. the volume fluctuated several times with my mother and i looking at the radio in shock. 

when I was 13. the night before, my aunt went into the hospital because she was vomiting blood, that night, I had a dream of her chasing me and my best friend at the time by our elementary school, she had on a white dress and it looked like she was floating because the dress was so long. soon the scene changed to another one of my friends apartment, it looked abandoned. my aunt just stood there in her white dress and my uncle; her brother; who died a few years earlier appeared (up until a few days ago, I thought it was my grandfather who appeared) and told me to leave because she was just trying to tell me something. that next morning I got a call from my mother that my aunt passed away.

years went by, nothing happening during my high school years, during my college days nothing happened until after 9/11; i was there when it happened as my college was a few blocks from the towers.

I began seeing things right before they happened then when it happened a minute later, I'd ask the person, wasn't you just in here? I'd sing a song right before it comes on the radio. 

I would have visions of the same thing, kinda like rewinding a movie, it'll happen the same way every time. I could be sitting at work or driving, talking and out of nowhere I'd have the same vision come to mind, even in dreams.
they wouldn't always happen immediately, sometimes it would take a few hours to a few months to happen but they would all happen and in the same order as they came to me. 
My visions actually have a end, where for a specific person or situation if I don't see anything after that last vision, that means thats the end of the cycle. 

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Well it appears i posted my story in wrong section after reading here<br />
Anyway i too have been having premonitions for many years..I am 39 now and have been having dream premonitions and outter body experinces while i sleep since I was 7.<br />
I have never been able to predict when things are gonna happen and its some times things that have already happend that i come to find out about sometimes years later and have visioned places that i end up seeing and frequenting years later as well,,,,,Sooo many dreams that have come true and each time it never fail,,I always get a very uneasy feeling when they do,,,BTW nothing has ever happend to me as a result from any of these just leaves me feeling confused and wondering why

Hello there. I think its a bit of both. Intuition and visions because these things happen in the same order that I've seen. Plus, I forgot to add this. the week before my daughter turned 1 years old, I spoke to her God father, I told him he better come to her birthday party, no if and's or buts. well, during the week, I was on a bus, the driver looked exactly like him, i mean he couldve been his twin, but he doesnt have a twin and he doesnt drive the bus. for whatever reason the driver stopped the bus, turned to me and smiled then continued on his route. it freaked me out and I couldn't look back at him when I got off the bus. I had a weird feeling that i should call him and make sure he was ok, but i didn't. He didn't show up to my daughters birthday party and we were worried. My daughters father spoke to him that next day and they were planning to hang out later on that day. well, I still felt something wrong. I called him to let him know my daughters father was on the way but he didn't answer. I didn't know I was calling a dead mans phone because I received a phone call from my daughters father a few minutes later telling me what happened. He hanged himself. Til this day, I feel so bad for not calling him sooner and talking to him knowing something was wrong.

Hello... I just that i have premonitions/visions. Never wanted to share, tell anyone, in fear that others would think ....i'm touched in some way. But guess what, i am touched ...with a gift, as you are too.<br />
<br />
JustLoveMe.... it is really more than intuition, my body reacts when i have a vision, almost a sick feeling.