My "feelings" as I like to call them, are making me nuts.  I feel the feeling of impending doom.  I know something is going to happen but I do not know what?  I woke up at 2am for no reason feeling really anxious and I had that familiar sickening feeling in my gut.  There was a train wreck in Argentina that killed 49 people.  I had feelings before Steve Jobs died and that time I actually had a vision of him and he died a few days later.  I even had "feelings" the night before Whitney Houston died. 
I have these feelings almost every week since the end of 2011..I just never know what they mean until the event is revealed to me and it is usually something that affects many people..
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1 Response Feb 22, 2012

I encourage you to generate positive energy to neutralize the feelings you are having. I have been having similar feelings. I know they are weighing me down, and I suspect that I may even be spending so much time "pondering the doom" that I neglect to spend time cultivating the positive energy and though process that may be needed to help counteract what is coming. I am so tired of not fighting back!!!!! If what you are experiencing is real, and what I am experiencing is real... shouldn't we be doing something to fight back??