Spirit Bass and Treble.

Once I dreamed about my ex-girlfriend's mother, that we were making amends (She came to me in the dream, said my name and embraced me quickly, then walked away). I woke up and told my then g/f. That was around 5:30 am...at 6:23 am, the phone rings...it was my ex-girlfriend's current g/f; her mother had been in ICU for 2 weeks (I didn't know this, seeing as how we really didn't speak anymore, but they were friend's with my then g/f ) and she passed away less than an hour earlier (about when I was having the dream)...anyway, I always felt like she paid me a visit as she was leaving earth, to try and clear away some bad energy. I also lost a friend to murder, and I dreamt of him standing in a school picture with me taken in back of the cafeteria. I saw his face clearly, and he was wearing little boy clothes...smiling as if to say, I am a kid again, somewhere! Look for me in their eyes. I will be living again.
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What a beautiful gift you have. I always pay attention to the things dreams say. Thank you for sharing. Peace. mini

The language of dreams is not just a joke as most people think. It is primarily a message of consciousness that gives us warnings, guidelines. These messages, always important, should not be taken as an exact reality, but as messages that are given for psychological help as to understand ourselves. Sometimes the messages correspond to a closer reality, and this is always a form of gift.<br />

I don't think it was a premonition. I think there was a confluence of conscious energy that when she was dying, she had amend to make with me (she did, she said some terrible things, slandering me and being involved in my life and relationship), and I think some part of her wanted to be free from all of that.<br />
Where ever she was going when she left me in front of that Burger King must have been a pretty good place, She looked happy.<br />
Who knows what is real, or not. I know I had no idea she was even ill when I had that dream. Funny, I was just thinking about this event a few days ago. I never think about it.

If preminitions are real it just might be something else or if they are real death is prolly set for people

your welcome, Shez.<br />
I guess her 'visit' would not qualify as a premonition...more like a visitation, I guess. It was truly one of the strangest things that ever happened to me. Well, except lately. It is just the little things lately.

I too have premonitions and found this site while trying to find answers. <br />
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I read about your g/f's mother visiting you and while I was reading that I had the most intense feeling pass over my body. Kinda like goose bumps but inside rather than goose bumps on the skin.<br />
<br />
Strange, strange feeling and VERY strong. It's like someone gently stroking their hand over your head but without the sensation of the touch, if that makes sense.<br />
<br />
Thank you so much for sharing your story.

True Halo.<br />
It was a very weird dream and I will never forget it-since she was kind of like a second mom to me at one point in my life. <br />
I had a similar dream about my nephew before he was born. And when he came out, he looked exactly like he did in my dream, down to the red hair which eventually turned blond. <br />
Thanks for commenting, Halo, and have a great day :-)

Very interesting! I think your xgf's mom did visit you in spirit...your mind and heart were open to this...it's amazing, really.<br />
<br />
My grandfather saw his dog in a vision moments before he died, he was talking to the dog, and soothing it, no one knew until later that day after my grandfather died that the dog had been hit by a car and was no longer alive...<br />
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Dreams tell a lot, even good things, like, I dreamed what my first son would look like when I was pregnant with him, it was a vision of him at the age of two, blond and smiling, and when he was two, there was a picture taken that looked exactly like the dream I'd had...he's standing there with a toy truck, looking at the camera with just the look I saw in my dream. I am still amazed by this 25 years later! (Doubly weird, I did not know I was having a boy)<br />
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I don't know for sure about spirit stuff, I am not sure what I 'believe', but human brains do strange things...

Juan, thank you.

BrutMystik:<br />
You certainly have a gift with the language: "fried like chicken in hell" "The brain a seat for the soul and the dream a table."<br />
<br />
Lovely and brilliant!

Thanks for commenting, Juan; I completely agree.<br />
I believe the whole purpose of spirituality is to evolve, not to reach a static desired place in heaven or to be fried like chicken in hell.<br />
The brain is a seat for the soul and the dream, a table.

Indeed, this is amazing.<br />
I wonder if experiences like this and other types of paranormal phenomenon are what allows mankind to realize that it is more than a species of upright walking animals with opposing thumbs. The dreamer in me believes that we continue to evolve into a higher form of being, and the living generations are not too far off from the next chapter of our collective story.<br />
<br />
Is it not ironic that the very aspect of our being which we believe sets us above the other species in creation -- our rational mind -- must be placed in idle before we can get a glimpse of our greater potential and interconnectedness to all?<br />
<br />
With each passing day, I continue to be in awe of the wonder of creation -- seen and not seen.

very Eerie...but comforting to know that there is a connection to the other side. Thank you for commenting. There is that lovely face again!

I have had dreams and premanitions like that too.... its kinda eerie when it happens..... but thanks for shareing!

Oh, believe me...I am not getting on any plane. I will be waving to you from the tarmac!!!!!!

I get these dreams sometimes when I rarely sleep I have this recurring dream that I am killed in an airplane crash. So you say avoid planes... Not likely as I fly a couple of weeks per month normally. If you see me just don't get on the plane.

well, I don't know that for sure, but I would like to believe it is true. The dream about my ex g/f's mom was really strange; I was having a lot of very strange dreams at that time. I still am I think...<br />
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Good Morning Windy!

It is pretty cool when I know that the phone is going to ring, or that several customers will be ready at once...it doesn't happen all of the time, but when it does, it is ******* cool as hell.

ooh eee ooh eee<br />
ooh eee oooh eee<br />
<br />
*twilight zone*

I am totally serious. And that is just the tip of the ice berg...the other morning I dreamed I was singing along to a certain song, "Cupid" by the Spinners, and someone was singing with me but I couldn't see them, but only hear them. When I woke up, I was getting into the shower and it came on. weird **** like that...I dunno. Thanks for stopping by!

WOW Incredible stories. I BELIEVE!

That is true...thank you my friend...the encouragement means a lot to me, as I often feel like the poems are not well received. Thank you...

I was taught by a wise soul - If you tell the truth you can never go wrong.

Thanks El!!!! That means a lot coming from you...

Brut is quite the poet as well, she's "got the stuff" - the "real stuff."

I don't know what to say...except I appreciate what you are saying to me and as a peer writer/composer/artist of yours, I feel honored to accept your compliment. And, it means a lot to me, OIMD....

Thanks but I really wish I didn't have the one about being killed at work....I have always had this thing about being cornered...

I would share them, constant. That is such a ******* **** thing about that person losing their head...<br />
I would definitley tell anyone if you had a dream about them....<br />
I have had dreams about very terrible things happening all over the world and in the US in particular...all throughout my childhood. I have even dreamed of a past life I had. I normally don't believe in really being able to have access to that type of thing, but it was so vivid, and I knew it was me.<br />
Dreams, premonitions, intuitions...amazing tools.

i too have experienced 'these' dreams all my life. as i grew older they morphed into something more. in two instances i was able to warn people not to do something. one of them did not heed the warning and ended up decapitated as in my dream - the other did heed the warning and is alive to this day having not been in the car she was to be in that day which was totalled by a cement truck! *shrugs* i often wonder if i should keep these dreams to myself (not give warnings) because maybe i'm messing with fate or something or if i should continue to share them with the people who are in danger??

Thanks for sharing...yes, those dreams you have about 4 am-something about that time...That is an amazing story- I am sure he came back to say goodbye, and your dad, too. Sorry about that loss by the way. Thank you for sharing, Flora.

yes, I am pretty open, and yes, I am lucky...thanks for your comments and kind words of blessing!

Hi well basicly your open to the spiritual worled and they are just saying goodbye .Your lucky in a way cuz Imagen the rest of the people that loved the pearson that was in your dream, they couldent say goodbye,remember thow this can be a gift but be warned it can also be a curse, Sorry about your losses, Good luck<br />
love and light, Phoenix x

It is good to share; you are welcome!