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There is a reason I have choosen this moniker "IntuitiveOne". For a time now, I've been feeling a "Desperate Urge" to learn more about my intuitive side. It came in real handy when my husband was being stalked by the woman he had an affair with. There were times when I felt the urgency and called him to let him know that he needed to lay low. Later I would find out that his stalker was on base waiting for him, with a male companion set on kicking his ***. It happened to me about 4 times that I remember.

I also remember going to a 7-11 store and playing the lottery, the numbers would just pop-in my head, and I actually felt like someone was "whispering" into my ear. Believe it or not, I got all the numbers right BUT because I had checked the box that said that the numbers needed to be in the same sequence that they came out in, I didn't win. I did win a free ticket though. Never been that lucky since, but still trying ;)

Another time, I was with my boyfriend....I was like 18 or 19. I was in a car and said to my boyfriend, "wake me up if we get into an accident." I was trying to be funny.....well, next thing I know, we are in this accident and my boyfriend's car is wrecked! I almost felt at that point like I caused the accident because I called it out.

I don't know if this is just a curious thing or not but before 9/11 but I was flying about two months before the incident and I got the strangest feeling of fear in that plane. I saw the plane crashing and burning. I never checked to see if the plane was one of the planes that crashed into the buildings. And then I also remember telling my friend I wanted to visit the twin towers in September 2001. She still remembers that.

Another time, (I already wrote about this) I knew that two 18 year old kids were casing me and planning on kidnapping me and raping me/murdering me. I got the biggest scream in my head that said "RUN NOW!!!!!!" Just when I did that, one of the kids lunges for me around the waist and if I hadn't heard that voice, he probably would have grabbed me and dragged me into the car. We are talking a matter of like 2 seconds!!

That is why when I was walking out of the gym about two months ago and got the feeling (hair standing up on my neck, cold chills down my back, and stomach going queesy) that something was wrong. That is when I noticed this guy acting strange in the parking lot of the Gold's Gym that I go to. He noticed that I noticed him and I went directly to my car and quickly got inside of it. I still have this unnerving feeling that it's not finished with this guy. Problem is I never really got a good look at him, I did get a good look at his car. I saw the car again at the gym and managed to get the make, model and plate number off of the car. I gave it to some of the people I know....with the scary words, if something happens to me.....look for this car.

I forgot to add the weirdest thing that happened two years ago....I was taking a motorcycle class at Harley Davidson, Elkridge Maryland. Well, the first day we were expected to start driving the motorcycles I woke up with the worst stomache ache, actually it was so bad that I thought I would throw up. I winded up taking some anti acids (at this point I have to add, I NEVER GET SO SICK THAT I NEED ANTI ACIDS) and realized that I was real nervous. I kept thinking maybe I should just go home.....I kept thinking about what my husband would say and how much peace I wouldn't get if I didn't go through it. Then on my way over there I noticed I GOT EVERY RED LIGHT!! And I even asked the Universe "What are you trying to tell me?" I was so mad when I got to the class and began to get a headache. Within 2 hours I was involved in an accident with the bike crushing my ankle in two places.

I started a Yoga class and sometimes we do a meditation at the end of class. I think meditation is good reinforcement for my intuitive side.
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Wow, your story was so interesting. I believe we ALL have abilities, and gut instincts and intuitive notions, its just that most people don't listen to them and aren't aware of them or even don't really understand them. Continue to tap into yourself. The universe DOES speak to us and our spirit guides are usually trying to guide us if we just listen, and trust.

More stuff has happened since I posted this.....

I believe I did this as a confession but I was on my way to turn in my vehicle to get the oil changed. This was like a Wednesday or Thursday, and I needed to merge to the right but I noticed the traffic was being a little reckless. Something in me said to wait to merge because I felt like something was going to happen, i knew an accident was going to happen. Then I see this motorcycle and I thought that bike is going too fast and the van in front of it slammed on it's brakes. The guy on the motorcycle hit the guy on the corner of the back bummer and he lost control and was flying in the air! I was in shock and stopped and dialed 911. There were a lot of people there and finally the ambulance came. The guy had hit his head on the barrier, thank God he had a full helmet on.

Another thing that happened is that my friend Patricia I knew something was going to happen to her. I had a real bad feeling about her. I was hoping I was wrong but no I was right, a guy she met started to stalk her. I told her to stay away from a certain location because I felt like he was going to do something to her and he did. She didn't listen to me, of course.