Most Memorable Moment Of My Life

One week, i suddenly had a strange feeling. I didn't pay any attention to it and passed it off as nervousness. For the remaining days of the week, this feeling grew from nervousness to sheer terror as friday approached

There was no reason for something bad to happen on friday. I just couldn't understand why I was getting such a bad feeling about this day. Then the day came.

On friday I sat at home, a nervous wreck. For hours in school, i could not get rid of this feeling. Then at night, i stayed up late still horrified. THen i woke up the next morning perfectly fine. Nothing had happened.

One week later (on the next friday), i was sitting at home when the phone rang. I answered and was told that the person on the other end had to speak to my mom( my parents had divorced the year before). I gave the phone to my mom, then whent back downstairs. She came downstairs crying syaing she had to talk to us.

A few hours earlier, my Dad had been passing through an intersection in heavy snowfall when a van came through and t-boned his car. He and my stepmom were both nearly killed and spent several months in hospital. This was one week after the day i was terrified by. Two weeks before christmas.

Both my Father and stepmother survived and recovered, but i still don't know what had made me so frightened. I have no doubt that this was a premonition, and these days, when i get a bad feeling, i listen to it...

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6 Responses Dec 12, 2006

You have a really strong sixth sense.

when you are having this kind of feeling where you are involved you cant change it, thats what i have found but when it involves others you can change, and you will be punished for the changes you do to the destiny. this is my experience. but at the cost of me i have changed so many and saved lives of so many and i dont keep counting.

When u have these feelings-pray. Death and life is in the power of the tongue-the words we speak.<br />
Ask your guardian Angel to keep you and your loved ones safe.

God sometimes allows us to feel these things in order to prepare us for what he has planned. I too have this gift, but I seldomly recieve feelings that i can control the outcome

But in a situation like that, without any specifics, what could be done?

Always ALWAYS listen to your intuition. It's usually never ever wrong! As you already learned..