I Sometimes Have Dreams That Come True

I can't really explain it I think dreams are the wrong word really they are more vivid than that its as if I am actually sort of overlooking events. I can remember a few years ago now dreaming that my then girlfriends father had died and I don't know what it was but something told me that I had to wake her because I knew the knock at the door would not be long.

I woke her up and told her to get dressed she of course wanted to know why as it was 4:30am I just said I can't explain why you just need to do it. 15 minutes later the knock at the door came and the news that her father had died.

I don't like having dreams like this as they can be very unsettling and sometimes disturb me but I can't seem to do anything to stop them from happening.
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Hi man, I know why you won't share those with people but try telling them to some. not everyone, but you will be able to sense what persons you can tell them to. Just look for people who aren't bound to this society we live in. I've told my experiences with several persons so far and I never got a negative reaction from them. Especially women are very understanding. <br />
Although I must say my premonitions are always about me and I wanna find a way to trigger those dreams. For now they come and go and I'm anxiously waiting for the next one. <br />
If you ever come across someone who knows how to trigger those 'dreams' please inform me. I would like to proove they are real to the world. Cause it might be the next revolution in human kind. Untill then we'll just be a crazy but gifted minority.

I had an ex that had the same ability. It tripped me out but I was ok with it. They wished they didn't have these abilities. Unfortunately I dont think they could be stopped. The same person used to see spirits too but didn't tell too many people because people would think this person was crazy.

That's why I don't tell people because I would be scared they would think I was either not telling the truth or mad.

yeah unfortunatly there are some people that are close minded and dont believe in anything. I have never seen or heard and dont have any special abilities but I still believe they exist and dont think people like you are crazy.


That is horrible. I, too, have things like that happen. I wouldn't call them dreams either but just sort of like 'knowings' suddenly. It's terribly odd to me.

I know what you mean it's not nice at all and there does not seem to be any way to stop it from happening.

I get them too . . . see some of my stories under "journal entries " some time if ya want to relate . . .we're not the only ones . . . I think it happens to everyone sometimes but I think some of us are just more open to it then most . . . it's interesting stuff to me . . . fascinates me . . . makes me wonder just where the info comes from . . . thank you for sharing this . . .