My Little Brother

I remember I was about 17 and I was sitting in an old recliner in the living area listening to some music that was "too loud" to be listened to unless one was wearing headphones. I could see our back door from my seat and suddenly saw movement there. I had a flash in my head of my little brother putting his hand through the glass and of him bleeding all over the place. I sat up and suddenly there he was, Billy, starting to knock on the glass as I was starting to yell "NO!" His hand went right through the glass, just as it had in my flash, and he was bleeding all over the place as I unlocked the door and dragging him in to wrap a towel around his hand.

This has happened a few times with other things and I only wish it would happen more than mere seconds before something occurs so I could actually get involved to stop it.
JadenguilOKelly JadenguilOKelly
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1 Response Jul 21, 2012

Hmmm. Uncanny. Similar things happen to me on occasion but nothing bad. Usually just trivial things. Maybe something to do with our Irish blood. My ex's mother from Donegal was scary when she foretold things. They came true 9 out 10 times.