Recent Premonitions

I wanted to share a couple of my recent premonitions, if nothing more than for my own amusement, and to give those who are interested a better understanding of how my process works. These two hapened while I was driving, which is scary for me since I have a baby in theback seat.

So as my son and I were getting into the car a big brindal colored dog ran by. He had on a collar and the lool on his face told me that he isn't usually able to run around free. He was owned and had gotten loose. I had no intention of taking the time to catch him or find out who he belonged to. I don't have time to deal with other's problems as I have enough of my own. The dog ran off down the street and we got in our car and left. As we passed a few homes, I had this sudden tensing of my muscles. I gripped the wheel and just knew I was about to hit and injure that dog. My first instinct was to stop at the closest home and ask if the dog belonged to them. He was nowhere to be seen. When I reached the highway I heard tires sliding and a loud yelp yelp. I looked to my left and saw the cars breaklights. They quickly made a ledt turn into a driveway. They hit that dog, and I'm willing to bet that they knocked on that house to ask if the dog belonged to the people living there.

The other one happened today on my way to pay a bill. It's a 20-30 minite drive on a 4 lane depending on traffic. I'm driving along, baby cooing in the back as I sing along to some silly pagan song on my phone. Then I hear a voice in my head. It said, "Be careful lady, I sense danger ahead." As the car infrnt of moved passed it, I noticed large pieces of rubber from busted tires all across our 2 lane side. If I hadn't slowed a bit at took caution I would have hit atleast 3 large pieces as I was headed directly for them. You may be thinking, "ok whatever", but at 70mph those large hunks of rubber could do some damage to my little sunfire, not to mention make me swurve and possibly loose control which sunfires are notoriuos for. 2 door sunfires are some of the easiest cars to flip. Ahead, I saw a truck with a large trailor attatched to its hitch. A man was replacing a tire, and it looked like had blown 2, maybe 3 of them. Danger successfully averted.

So you see? It's hard for me to say that premonitions happen for me in one way. Sometimes it's a tiny "movie" clip, sometimes it's a worded sentence of warning, and sometimes it's just a feeling.
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I've experienced those things myself....not able to write about them...yet.

I am thankful you, and your son are ok!