My Experiences

Hi,most of my experiences and premonitions ocur in my dreams,But sometim not, sometimes when I day dream,I have had so many I culdent tell you all of them even if I culd sit here all day,Like I have had dreams of aero plains crashing, Metros blowing up[Madrid ETA] buses blowing up[England] and many more of wich i have comunicated to the police and I get laght at in the face,But when it happens wich it always does they prob think oh!**** we shuld have listend to her,

Thats the problem with people nowdays they dont beleve things unless they are put in front of there noses.and proof.

Well they need to wake up and breath the fresh air, cuz things that I have reported could have been saved if only they culd have beleve me.But I supose it is just another one of thoese things.

I have recently had one about the missing little girl madilyn ,any way I try and warn people about what is going to happen but,,.....

Love and light to all.Phoenix  xxx

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1 Response May 15, 2007

What did your dream reveal to you about this Madelyn??