American Airlines Flight 191

The night of May 28th, 1979 I had somewhat of a nightmare. In full techicolor I was walking
across a scorched field covered with scorched human bodies. A flash out of the corner of
my eye revealed an aircraft of some kind rising up from the horizon to my right, turning
beyond the perpendicular, and disappearing to my left horizon. It was very bright as it
passed over as though bright sunlight was reflecting off a bright metal surface.
The next day, the 29th of May, 1979, I was driving home from work at 4:30 pm and had
the radio of my car on. They announced the crash of American Airlines Flight 191
in Chicago. When I got home I turned the TV on to listen to the news, not assuming by
any means my dream and this incident had anything in common....until I heard the
entire report. That Airline's aircraft aren't painted other than with their logo, they are shiny
aluminum. This particular aircraft was taking off when the left engine fell off the wing. In
doing so it severed hydraulic lines in the wing that control it's flaps. It slowly began
rotating to the left until it was perpendicular, if not a tad more, to the horizon, and crashed
in a huge fireball killing some 269 passengers and crew, many desribed as "charred."
And not the first time for me.In 1966 I believe, I had another nightmare while living
outside Chicago. I was on an airliner that was filling up with water. The pilot came out
of the cockpit and said we had a fuel leak.....I woke up in a sweat. The Chicago Tribune
Headline the next morning.....United Airlines Jet Crashes in Lake Michigan. All the
King's horses, all the King's men, and 50 million socalled experts will never convince me
there isn't something going on neither have any explanation for. I can hear them now
though..."Hell of a coincidence!" "Well, according to the Dr Silverstein Memorandum 1 out
of every premonition dream has more detail than the others!" After all, we went to college for
20 years and read everything there is to read...we know everything! Go tell it to one
of your colleagues the next time you're shmoozing!
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I did become a pilot a year after my dream, but flew helicopters. Now, how do define
"crazy" in your response? Please tell me you're not a member of the Coincidence
Experience. If you'll note my Username is 401miami. Over 30 years ago an Eastern
Airlines Lockheed L-1011 crashed in the Everglades. So began a number of paranormal sightings by Eastern employees that were written in a book and later a made for TV movie. The book is titled "The Ghost of Flight 401." Some equipment from the flight that was deemed serviceable by the company was installed on other aircraft. Stewardesses began seeing the ghost of the Flight Engineer who was killed in the crash. One related a story that she saw his ghost sitting in a seat that said, "there will never be another crash of an L-1011. However, several years later a Delta L-1011 did crash in Dallas. Since my dream...or nightmare in 1979, I've never had another one about a plane crash.

You're very welcome, though wish the subject matter was more joyful
to read.

That is so crazy! I have the same kind of dreams, not about planes crashing, but people that I love dying and other situations. Are you a pilot by chance?