The Things That I Have Felt!

I do not remember exactly when I began having premonitions. I assume it was when I was pretty young for I have had them as long as I can remember. My premonitions do not come in dreams or visions although am slightly Clairvoyant as well and do have those as well. My premonitions are more of a feeling I get when something is imminent to happening. The first time I remember this happening was one day when I was about 11 I think my family and I who lived in St. Louis at the time had decided to take a trip to Chicago for the weekend. My mom, dad, and I were in our van driving and caravaning behind us in their van were my brother, his wife, and their children. My mom was driving, my dad was in the back sleeping and I was riding shotgun in the front seat, looking out the window as things flew by. When all of a sudden I got a funny feeling that we were not going to reach our destination for some reason. I felt like something was going to go wrong with one of the vehicles and we were going to have to go home instead. So feeling this I turned and looked at my mother and told her " Mom we are not going to make it to Chicago." and she looked at me funny and asked why I thought that and so I told her I had this funny feeling about the vehicles, but I did not know weather it was going to be ours or my brothers that broke down. Well turns out my premonition was accurate, not 20 minutes later our van sputtered and died. We ended up haveing to be towed to a mechanic, where we found out that our alternator had gone out and had to be replaced. Needless to say we spent so long trying to get a new alternator put in that by the time it was all done we didn't have enough time to make the trip and be back in time for everyone to be back at work. So we ended up turning around and going home instead. Since then I have had several premonitions and continue to have them occasionally. I usually try to go with them when they come. Even though I know that they are not always accurate they are very near the mark and help me out a great deal. Sometimes as a warning and sometimes as just as a preperation for things to come.

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Best not to worry about the outcome after the fact. You'll drive yourself insane with worry.

Yes, unknowingly or you could say by instinct. It worked but not the way I wanted it to. It had a very Tragic result. One time when I was 16 my cousin died and after his memorial service I went home and decided to go out that night with some friends to get away and relax. Well we were supposed to go to this neighboring town. When going to this other town we normally went up this road called state rd K to state hwy 40 making a left at the light and crossing two lanes of traffic. (at the time there was only a 4 way stoplight not an actual overpass with on and off ramps) Anyway this particular night I had a funny feeling about going that way, or going anywhere too far from home. So I told my friend I didn't want to go to this neighboring town. We ended up going to someones bonfire party close to home. The rest of the night seemed to go fine and I didn't really know anything bad had happened that night until several nights later. Several nights later I was at a different friends house when i found out that this girl I worked with had went to the neighboring town the night I was supposed to have gone and she took the same direction the we normally take, around the time that we were headed at that direction and changed our minds. When she got to the stop light the light was green so she went ahead to make the left turn and while she was crossing the first two lanes of hwy 40 a semi-truck coming over the hill on hwy 40 didn't see or know the light was there and ran a red light slamming into my co-workers car and killing her instantly. I still believe that if we had gone that way that night my co-worker wouldn't have been killed. It would have been me and the friend I was with. I was devestated when I found out. But I honestly don't think I would have done anything differently. Sometiimes I will actually have a vision or dream where I actually see that something is going to happen. With those I sometimes try to change things if I think its necessary, but only if its necessary. But with my premonitions I don't actually see whats going to happen. My visions and dream can contain warnings or just random things far in advance of the actual event., my premonitions though usually warn only of iminent danger or trouble to myself and occasionally lets me know that there is something I should or shouldn't be doing, but not why and most of the time there is no time to change anything, because I get the weird feeling within a few minutes of the event happening. and like I said I can't actually see whats going to happen with those, so it may not be something that I want to change or that is necessary to change. So unless I get the feeling that I shouldn't be going a certain place or doing a certain thing. I don't normally try to change things, because I know that they are supposed to happen for a reason. Sorry its all a little complicated and confusing to explaiin.

Have you ever tried to change the outcome?