An Old Dream

I was on a special interest gay "dating" site back in December, getting a massive number of requests and messages from a myriad of men who liked thin white red heads such as myself, or at least the interests I had up on my profile. One in particular caught my eye, he didn't say much and it was easily as profane as everyone else who had messaged me, but it was his profile pic that caught my eye. It was a tribal sort of dragon tattoo on his shoulder, it looked so very familiar but such feelings are common and I have learned to accept that I probably had a premonition some time in the past just like with my lover back in my home town. I looked at his profile and forgot all about the tattoo and lost myself in lust.

I decided to meet him, I always try and pursue people I see in premonitions. We chatted for some time, he was abroad for work and wouldn't be back until the fourth. I patiently waited and when the fourth came around I had the most awesome weekend in memory.

When I got back home, after reveling in recent events for some time, I checked my dream journals and sketch books. Sure enough, I found his profile picture, April 2007, with Dream of Desire in parentheses. I suppose by taking such an interest in my dreams, visions and precognitive feelings I make them happen, at least with people, but I am glad I have them as a sort of guide. Just as many others take comfort in their belief in gods, I take solace in the knowledge that I've had dreams of events that occur in my life, a sort of destiny that I can follow and feel comforted by.
YerahshOnear YerahshOnear
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013