"I Have Premonitions"

I have had Premonitions since I was very young. Sometimes in the form of a dream and sometimes just intuition. When I feel something strongly to where I get Goosebumps then I know I am on to something! I also feel things about people and I can tell a lot by picking up and holding objects. I believe this is called psycometry the ability to read an object.
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I used to have premonitions but the danged things chewed out of their cage and got into the neighbors stuff. I had to take them to the pound. I don't know if anyone adopted them or not. Where did you get yours?

i'm a WHOLE LOT native american ... the spitting image of my great grandmother who was 100% and lived on the reserve for a while. i knew none of this though. all my life i've had premonitions - not knowing or having heard anything about her. all my life these premonitions have been accurate. recently family members gave me a nickname, then i got a dog and named her a human name - come to find out ... i named my dog my grt gramma's first name and what friends and fam started calling me is what people started calling my grt gramma at the same age ... not to mention ... i found out in recent months that she suffered from a very rare disease that no one (at that time could treat and ended up in a wheelchair) - a few years ago i was in an accident and nearly confined to a wheelchair - the disease i ended up with after all the nerve trauma is incurable and generally puts people in a wheelchair - chances are as i grow older i'll be chairbound. anyway ... what i'm getting at is that i never knew this woman ... never knew anything about her until my mom and grandma started seeing and admitting to the parallels in our lives. she died very young - i've always thought i'd die very young. she read tea leaves and had premonitions that were always accurate ... i don't read tea leaves but ... the premonitions are on target! it's kinda bizarro! but ... it's nice to have the warnings.

I've had premonitions as well. The most major one I've had is a very long story but I'll make it short. In 1998 I was standing in the woods behind my house and I had an image come to me that a rock was going to come hit me in the back of the head. This image came to me every once in a while over the years. At this same time I had been working on these pastel paintings which I didn't touch again for years. I never told anybody about these images I was having until 2005 when I told my roommate. Late in 2005 I started working on pastels again and had finshed a few of them. I decided to hang the new ones up on my wall along with the old ones from 1998. This was on Christmas eve and I was heading to a friends Christmas party. As I walked out of my room looking at the paintings I had a voice tell me "Don't go, don't go, just don't go"...over and over again. It was weird b/c I had no reason to think I shouldn't go to this party. I disregarded the message and went on to the party. I wrecked my bike on the way there fracturing my skull (rock in the back of my head was the asphalt). It was the most profound intuition I've ever had and am still taken aback that somehow I knew I was in trouble before anything happened. I will always try to listen to my intuition now.