Deja Vu... Dreams...

Sometimes it's in the form of deja vu.  I'll dream a conversation, part of a conversation or see something happen in a dream and then it will happen.  I also dream actions that I can't control in my dream and often see them happen or something like them happen.  I have seriously tuned in intuition... I have predicted almost every death in my family, as well as injuries and accidents in my family and to friends.  I never doubt my intuition.
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I can totally relate to this. This happens to me quite often with the deja vu. I feel like I've seen things in my dreams that actually comes true.

your gift is similar to mine,.. You are doing well you must always trust your intuision,<br />
I hope you live strong and at peace with your inner self...<br />
love and light will guide you to eternal happyness that you deserve.<br />
stay strong and good luck,..xx

yes these you share with me too.
you are doing a good job.