A Visionary

I don't often get premonitions, but when I do, they come true soon after. I also get deja vu often, probably at least five times a month (which is a huge understatement for most months). My mother had dreams that came true.. and since I have inherited so much from her, and became the next generation psychic in the line of women in my family, who is say mine won't wind up coming true. Lets hope not though.... I'm an insomniac with Nightmare Disorder. Which means that when I do get to sleep, I wake up several times, don't reach the deep sleep part, and constantly have nightmares. My dreams are also vivid as well. Lets hope everything goes okay with my dreams and visions.
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2 Responses Jun 18, 2007

try some meditation<br />
Yoga perhaps will give you some soothing.<br />
for sleep deep meditation takes off the stress of you and gives a rest in 3 hours which usually get in 8 hour sleep.<br />
good luck to you

hey, hope your ok.. good luck with your dreams., mine come true alot too., and I get dajavu nearly everyday about something... its not verynice,,lol,,. when you know whats gonna happen and you cant do anythin about it cuz its ment to happen...<br />
love and light xx phoenix xx