Premonition Or Guardian Angel Whispering In My Ear?

 Last summer I was in the bathroom getting ready for a date when I heard my front door open and close.At first I thought nothing of it,I have some friends who will just walk in like that.But then I got this picture in my head of my youngest son,walking into the street carrying his blanket and getting hit by a car.I ran ouside in time to find and stop my youngest,who was carring his blanket to the street which was very busy that day.I still lose my breath when I think of it and my heart is pounding just from writing it.
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Incredible. I have heard about stories like this in books and magazines. But never from and actual person, albeit online. I'm sol glad for you and your son.

hindu mythology says after death our parents and their parents will become the gaurdian angels who will forewarn you about the happenings.<br />
so those who warn you is not any others so act quick and save lifes

Do you REALLY mean to say you haven't yet thanked your guardian angel (or that of your son)? Sure, they don't take offense at being unthanked by us, since they are all good and act only out of love for us. But it certainly does us good to thank God for giving them to us. I've been saved from death, fire, serious accident and even malicious harm a number of times in extraordinary circumstances; and I very much like to thank my guardian angel, and God for my 'ears to hear'.

Your greatest fears can become your greatest gifts. Embrace this experience and learn from it. If you have other premonitions like this one, you may not want to second guess yourself when you envision something. <br />
<br />
I also have premonitions. Once in a split second I saw my friend get hit by a truck and at the same time screamed out her name. She immediately stopped at the curb and a truck sped by honking its horn barely a foot from her. <br />
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Trust your insticts. =)

yes never wait as that will give time to destiny to overcome you.
As they say DO IT NOW


i get visions like that sometimes. thiugh scary, it's really cool to see something before it happens!

wow<br />
thats a blessing<br />
I've never heard of anything like that<br />
<br />
like the other lady said: have you had any other premonitions?

thank the gods for your premonition...........