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I can tell when someone is thinking about me.  I get a sensation in my head that feels different then when I'm thinking normally.  It's like I can almost "feel" the connection I have with someone.  When this happens it's not unusual for them to call me or email me shortly thereafter, or maybe we'll talk and they'll mention that they were thinking about me just when I knew they were. 

I have to have known the person for a little while for this to work -- I have to have usually met them and have some type of bond with them.  It's as if I can feel the bond itself opening up when we connect with our thoughts.  That's the best way to explain it.

It's really odd.  I don't mind it, but it bugs me when I know that someone is thinking about me a lot, if I don't feel the same way.
Seraph1m Seraph1m
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2007

do you beleive in something called telepathy.<br />
it is the same here only when somebody used to think of me and i feel the crave to meet them<br />
it has happened many a times whenever my mom used to think of me i who stayed 100s of km distance (no telephones at that time) and i would start off in a bus.<br />
so this is quite usual i do doubt some animals also share this feeling.

Check out the Celetine Prophesy series. It explains everything. Can also be found on The Celestine Vision website

Does your capacity to feel this sort of thing extend to other things? It seems unlikely to be an isolated sort of thing? Interesting, either way. Like some sort of psychic stalker detector!