I used to freak out when i would have a premonition, now that i'm older i have accepted the gift. I believe it runs in the family,my grandma ,nephew,brother . When my spouse was alive he'd always stop using your psycic friends network on me , he never was a believer until he met me. It's nice to know others are out there!
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I have been able to avoid bad things and to find people in my family that were in trouble. We talk openly about our gifts , control for me is tough for instance death dreams just come when they have passed to alert me, sometimes i get a premonition right before something bad occurs that i cannot stop but i see it happen in that instant, I will get tied in knots before others ... i can feel it very strongly. People also bring on premonitions ... I will be told why to back away it is never wrong . Picking up on peoples emotions i am getting better at controlling this is one reason i avoid large crowds .

Have you been able to use it to help people or yourself in the past? Also, when you say your family has this ability, do you guys talk about it openly and try to learn how to control it?

Yep the Monkies

The monkies woah way back or something uh to young to remember.:)


I am a believer also .

LOL domestic psycic violence oh my goodness

As do i,thanks . The premonitions and feelings are really strong the last week . I am just trying to hold it together.

what I ment to say[ sorry my computer crashed/..]any way., that beleving is the start of it , there are so many people that have an open mind about every thing,. but others whoom need it to be prooven to them,., <br />
If you beleve, you can do anything./. <br />
love and light , Phoenix x

lol , sometimes it feels that way.

In my family, we call it our "psychotic linkage". :-)

thats very true and you better not forget that..., we are so many yet most of us are too scared to come out and say it..<br />
be well,, love and light,., beleving is the start of