Still Pictures

the premonitions that i get are like still pictures in my head or 'gut' feelings that i feel deep inside me.  they're hard to explain to most people.  sometimes i'll just be driving somewhere and i'll see a picture of something happening and then later that same exact thing will happen.  like one day i was driving to work and i saw myself getting a late slip, even though i showed up on time for work (15 minutes to spare) yet because i missed the shift meeting (i was in the locker room) , i got that late slip.  twice i saw my 'ex' speaking to me, when we havent spoken in almost 1 1/2 years, and those times came true also.  i saw myself and my kids with a black cat, soon afterwards we adopted a friends black cat that she couldnt take care of anymore. 

edwardcullenfan edwardcullenfan
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I have these moments as well. Most of mine come in forms of dreams, and usually it isn't anything major. Just recently I was eating dinner with my husband and daughter, we were watching tv and all of a sudden I was like, I have already lived this moment before, I had dreamt it.

Wow, that actually very much like how I experience it. For me it feels like a passing thought that doesn't stand out too much...but then later on after seeing what I thought...leaves me wondering "did I foresee that?"