I Have a Very Unsettling Feeling Right Now....

And I hate it.  Such an odd feeling... unpleasant news is coming.  I call it "the icky, icky feeling."  I hope my husband doesn't get laid off today.  But something is out there.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

i know the feelings you mean..i get the sicky feeling and a body rush too, your stomach goes tight like a rush of nervous energy through your body...the only way to describe it, is its just a "somethings not right feeling"

They (the prems) also can be ridiculous..but they always happen. I tried the other night to will my own circumstances now to change..but I cant make the changes..the thoughts come..then the event happens.

I get them also. Mine come hard and fast, predictions of phone calls, they actually have almost an aura to them...a semi solid form. Most of my friends ask me about stuff...but it does not work that way..the prems just come...I tell the person if its about them..sometimes its about me and whats going to happen..its never a maybe..its always an actual knowing.

Mmmm, I know that feeling all too well. Luckily, I haven't had it in a little while, but when I do, I brace myself.<br />
I hope you're wrong on this premonition.