Mine Come In My Dreams

I have always had dreams that seem very real n sometimes are reliving the days activities etc!

But over the past couple of years i have been having premonitions though my dreams!!

I had a dream my sister was lay on a bed covered in blood! in my dream i was just looking at the bed in all different angles but i never saw expression on her face it seemed i was just walking around a show room in waxworks etc! n then i woke up screaming! i clocked the time n wrote it down as at the time i was recording my dreams so i quickly scribbled everything down n went back to sleep!

All day i kept thinking about my dream n wondering what it all meant as i hadn't been contacted by her or family etc!

That night i got a phone call off my dad saying my sister had had her baby at 4:03 that morning! i ran upstairs checked my dream notes n it was 4:03 when i woke up screaming! i phoned him back n told him n asked if there was alot of blood!

He said the bed was covered in it n she passed out during the birth while on the bed!!
So that was what i was seeing!

Another time i was having a dream about nothingness, just a chilling passing the time dream when all of a sudden a little boy who i looked after in nursery appeared in front of my eyes! very close up to them n made me force my eyes open!

I work in a nursery n often dream about the children as you are looking after them everyday of the week so it is just normal! (not in no ********* way just dreaming about normal nursery life!)

But this was strange they never appeared that close n never made me wake up in shock!

I was really worried about this n couldn't go back to sleep!
On the bus i passed the little boys house n i told n said Bye! i shocked myself as i didn't feel the need to say anything n didn't know why i did!!

I waited all morning for the little boy to come in but he never did! i was so worried that something had happened!
At dinner time the nursery got a phone call off his mum - it was then she had told us why he wasn't in it was because the little boy had died early that morning!

I was told by my best mate n she was crying her eyes out n so was everyone in my room! she broke the news to me as she  knew i liked the little boy n got on very well with him!

I wasn't even shocked or cry! everyone thought i was being nasty by not crying! no matter how much i tried to cry i just couldn't!

It wasn't till i got home n read through my dream book that he had woke me up that morning to let me know before anybody else!
Thats when the tears came n wouldn't stop all night!

I'm glad he came to me as i would of been such a mess if i didn't know! n i feel so honored that i was one he thought of!
Everyone thinks I'm crazy n some don't believe me but i dont care what they think i know what i believe n thats all what matters!!

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Wow, Great story

beautiful story, you sound like me think im going to start recording my dreams, i love the way i can dream that my boyfriend has left a party in a cab with a female and describe her (confirmed the next day) i also get feelings for example recently i woke up at 6 feeling anxious and i thought to myself 'imagine if my house was to get raided, oh they wouldnt find anything anyway' at 10 my friend called me to say her mums house had got raided after 6 and obviously they didnt find anything.

That's awesome! Great story.

Is your sister a twin sister by any chance?

This is an ability to reach across space and time. I have had it come and go in my life. I personally think it is a developable skill because I have worked with some people using deep trance hypnosis and had their abilities rise.<br />
<br />
I wonder in your case if only painful things are able to get through

I first want to say my condolences for the little boys family and also to you.<br />
sometimes people can not comprehend what they don't understand and trust me when I say I know what I'am talking about. while in this lifetime we have so many choices to choose from that we sometimes forget about the little ones whose lives were shortlived but from the way you described your caring and nurturing relationship towards the little boy maybe he felt that comming from you in such away that he had to see you one more time before his departure. I know this exprience may have scared you but just to know that you were there for him in his time was enough to come and see you again.