I Don't Dream Alot When I Sleep

AND WHEN I DO, I CAN'T RECALL THEM, but i know that i'vve dreamt about something important related to my life, as if the answers to issues lie in those dreams. I've tried meditation, which i can't do for the life of me, and all that other crap regarding dream recall, but none of it seems to work

70+, F
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you do know that we are constantly dreaming from the moment we fall asleep don;t you ??

Wouldn't it be great if someone invented a dream recorder so we could watch the dream when we waken and then we could maybe, relate it to our daily life and fix whatever it is our subconscious mind is trying to tell us.

i try not to remember my dreams rather nightmares,,, if i do i cant get out of bed to go to work,,,, :(

for meditation calmness of the mind is important,<br />
usually our mind is agitated and tensed,<br />
we need to learn basics of cooling mind from a guru along with others,--not alone--<br />
then you will reach the calmness that will lead you to perfect meditation.<br />
hope this will solve your problem

i find something i read in book about akido helpful, if i want to go into a trance, you sit with your legs crossed prefrebly in a dark room and stare at one point in the room then start to control your breathing by imagining a thread slowy going in your nose it might sound a bit crazy but, i find it works and if you think of something particular you will usually visualise it or something simalier hope it helps.

there are alot of different meditations that you could research that can help you with different aspects of your ability to recall these events for instance there are meditations to help your memory, or your ability to focus(which could help you remember) and ( i know from personal experience that the 1st or 2nd one i tried didn't really work for me) i think the meditation wouldn't help you to recall your past dreams but instead help to retain the ones that are presently being dream't

This happens to me too. I am only able to remember a couple of dreams a year. even if I know I've had them

Now that I think about it, I don't know if I dream a lot or not...I very rarely remember things I dream about whenever I do. TAKE CARE!!!

Meditation is hard to do. I've had that feeling before too.