My Series Of Premonitions

I was just yesterday told by a sensitive person that they detect that I am sensitive.  I never told them, but they knew I had premonitions and I was freaked out that they knew.  So now I'm here to see what others think.

It began one day after school, I went to the teacher parking lot. Two girls who had been fighting for years had recently made up and become good friends.  They both were in this parking lot, and as one got into her boyfriend's car, she gave a smile to her friend that I can't really explain.  It seemed a bit like saying goodbye or something, like some part of herself was accepting her mortality.  I thought about that moment all night that night and I was woken up in the morning by my phone.  My friend called and said,"A girl from your school died last night in a car wreck".  I asked who and they told me the same girl who gave that smile.  I froze.  I didn't know what to think of it at that time.

Since then, I've had the following premonitions come true: my friend breaking his knee in a season ending injury, same friend breaking his arm the next season, a football player on scholarship destroying his leg, a shoe breaking the light in our wrestling room (where if I didnt yell it would have hit 2 guys), my friend dating a girl, and most recently a dream that my friend got hurt, and the next morning he had his arm in a sling.  There's probably been more but those are most notable.

If anyone can shed some light on this phenomonon, please do because I really don't know what to think at the moment.  I am a strong Christian believer and find this to be an interesting gift that I'm a bit scared of handling.  Thanks, and God Bless.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

i to know what it is like to dream things but i also feel them it really scared me the first couple times but now i have accepted them and look at it as though god is trying to prepare me for things to come now any time i get my feelings i start to call my family and friends to make sure that they are all ok i remember my worse time i actually had to go to the hospital because everything that my friend felt as he was passing (which i didnt know he was) i was feeling to at the same exact time and after he passed over i was immediatley better no pain at all and i could breath fine. so trust me use your gift just dont let everyone know you have it

I don`t think premonitions are a good thing. You have to leave with that all your life, and you can`t change the things you are seeing. And try to keep it secret - you don`t people to think you are a freak. Accept it and move on...that`s the only thing you can do. Ask those people - that have probably more experience what is the purpose? I`m curious as well...

1) Write down your dreams and date them<br />
2) E-mail your dream to someone close to you, whom you can trust<br />
3) Ask them to verify the event occurrence with you<br />
4) Report back.<br />
<br />
In the mean time - learn how to remember your dreams better. Seems like your dreams have a lot to do with people getting injured who are in your proximity. Be careful with that.

your premonitions are a god given gift...