Strange Things Have Been Happening

Ok, this is completely scaring me and I need some advice, my first time doing this. Over the past three days I have been getting these feelings, strange and odd feeling from my chest. Almost as if it is telling me something; s


Starting off February 25th 2010:


My friend and I decided to go meet some mates, and decided to take the shortest route which is over a mountain pass. Heavy snow and ice had made it impassable previously and it had only just been opened. We were travelling along and I started getting this feeling in my chest, I thought nothing of it at first and said to my mate, “I have a really strange feeling,” she just passed it off and laughed, I got this overwhelming feeling to look up and saw three boulders coming down the mountain side direct towards the car. I screamed at the driver to stop and she did and 3 boulders roughly 4 ft high crash straight in front of the car.


February 26th 2010


I was coming back from a night out and it was 430am, my mates and I were in a taxi and one of them had a massive argument with her boyfriend and that’s why we were going back to mine. We passed a cop car pulled up at the side of the road and I had this feeling again! I said to my mate I have this feeling again and this time she listened and said what I think it is. Something told me to say that he is looking out for drink drivers and she shrugged it off as nothing and said well it’s not us so its fine. We got into the house and 30 minutes later I still have got this feeling. I shrug it off and think nothing of it because it is really irritating and scary because I think there’s something wrong with me.

Next morning I find my best mates car outside with no driver. He had been arrested for drink driving and wanted to say sorry to my mate for the argument. Another strange but true story.




This was the last straw for me! I was in the car travelling back from a supermarket on the M4 WEST, and had this real bad sensation in my chest and I said to my mate, something’s going to happen. She believed me at this point and said what is it, what is it! All I could think of is crash; I knew it wasn’t our car, but someone’s. a couple of seconds later a car looses control in front of us and collides with the central reservation. My mate had to take drastic action to stop us from smashing into the out of control vehicle, real scary and real creepy.






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I'm not sure you I'd want to get rid of it, seems it's saved you a few times.