Since Psc

Hi I have been diagnosed with PSC since I was 19 that was 9 years ago I don't like thinking about it . my Bile ducts were pretty scared when we found out they were not able to get a stint in the first time I had a ercp. My Gastro told me when I woke up the bad news but since I was already crying when I asked about kids.He said that there was a chance meaning to tell me at my next appointment. that it was not a good Idea. I got pregnant and scared all the doctors to death we were fine though. A year and a half later I had a surprise pregnancy after having a full colostomy. the surgeons told ME that i would not be able to have more kids. we did not know I was already pregnant. that pregnancy was more difficult but not due to the psc the extra blood from the pregnancy caused my duodenal artery to obstruct my duodenum. I think that's how it spelled. but I have to beautiful boys and am considering a third pregnancy.
mammaof2monsters mammaof2monsters
Oct 16, 2010