I have a few questions regarding my problem. Im an air-hostess and have to wear saree almost everyday. We girls usually wear our sarees a little below our navels with trying to cover almost everything. but you people will not believe how many times my navel has been harassed or rather i should say man handled on an air plane. we serve food, check the baggage, make sure the baggage is tightly secured in the overhead cabinets & much more. once i tuck my saree i bring the edge of my left tuck to cover my waist cause we wear it in bengali style but that’s always temporary cause if i pin it against my blouse it feels restricted. however my navel is almost everytime covered with my pallu at the start of the flight. but in few mins while performing the flight attendants duty it somehow gets exposed. you will not believe that i have such horror stories and so many of them that i lost count of it. men play such dirty tricks to get close to any part of your exposed mid-sections that it makes you feel sick. i have been poked in my navel so many times & i can almost tell that 90% of the times it was intentional. i know the type of industry that i work in a casual bumping is common. but people usually don’t try to grab your upper body unless they are drunk or by accident. but beside my hands and my face only other thing vulnerable is my stomach and navel. male passengers have not only tried to touch my stomach with their hands but they have tried to stick their face or their elbows as well by making a sudden movement when I’m around their seats. i would say by now a million fingers know how deep my navel is, not even a joke that so many men have literally poked & yes I mean really poked my navel. and to make it seem like it was an accident they have scratched and bruised my navel and my stomach area so many times. and yes since touching and roughing up my navel is not enough they use objects like their handbags, sunglasses, empty plates to make contact with my stomach. mind you almost every flight 20 men must have tried to hold my hands to stop me or something when I pass by them. the harassment is so high that even if my own husband tries to emotionally get involved and caresses my stomach or gentally drops a finger or two in my navel in the process of showing me love, it instantly reminds me of my flights. i haven’t discussed this issues with him in too detail but may have mentioned one or two instances in a passing comment. as soon as i feel his hands on my stomach or navel it sends a shiver all over my body. for some reason i always feel like i have someone staring at my navel or there is something stuck in my navel. if i tell him half the stories from my flight he will force me to quit my job and we need this second income for our life style. for past couple of weeks i took advice from one of my co-worker and when i’m home i sneak closer to my husband and i myself pull his hand casually over my stomach and wait till his fingers find a way into my navel. not making it obvious i put my hand on top of his hands with his fingers still in my navel and apply slight pressure to point that I get a tingling feeling. Sheetal my friend asked me to apply pressure to feel some pleasure from a male touch. Never thought how sweet it feels with someones fingers in your navel when you are ok or want to enjoy it. The tingling feeling is what she really wanted me to experience to overcome some of the rough poking on the flight. She thinks this will make me overcome my fear of strangers messing with my mid-section. my husband does not say anything but i can see a slight confusion on his face when i try to asphyxiate his fingers in my navel with a slight pressure cause I’m practically controlling his fingers. i have tried this for a couple of weeks before i left for my first flight for this month. i had a little more courage this time around & a couple of times tried to flash my navel on purpose to some middle aged man… but my courage went down the tube when a some guy purposely rubbed his hands against my stomach to cross the seats and made it look casual by walking away without a sorry or excuse me. If I post all my stories then it will be a 100 page posting.

Is there anything I can do where my husband would want to come near or show some love to my stomach and navel rather than me semi-forcing him. Instead of me if he tries to use his fingers on his own it will make me feel very good about my mid-section and my navel in particular. It’ll be a huge boost of confidence.

Also if there is any other advise?

Ramya [Air India Air Hostess]
RamyaAirHostess RamyaAirHostess
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I think you looks very pretty in low wast Saree
I think your navel looks very beautiful so you like to wear low wast Saree
I enjoying to see this type female

tell your man a fake story about what your married friend shared with you. tell him how her hubby pleases her(everything you want him to do) and show some excitement while telling...hope he does something

That's messed up.

If you really think of your self than in my opinion try to cover as much as you can because mens are a lustrous kind of thing on the whole planet whom if you give show or give would be less altime. As the testosterone being in mens body are always on a high to do something.

okay. You have honestly shared your problem. and i'm sorry to say i'm only excited to have read it. if so many men have tried to touch it, it should be beautiful. So for that you are awesome! as of the problem, you can always wear a bigger blouse and cover your midriff as well. If you are covering yourself men wont be that much into touching you. and as of your husband, I personally feel, this sensation or aversion of being touched in your midriff can be gone only if you let your husband touch it. because he is the rightful guy. So, control your resistance when he touches and i swear in time it'll start getting comfortable! I have such a personal experience. Add me i sure will share it with you and it'll help you.

ramya u want me to post my advice here or should i msg u..:)

It's fine , u can post here.

you have many advices dear but i would suggest you do what u like..and yeah if u want ur hubby to take interest in ur navel wear everything below ur navel point..:)

You are very true & honest & i appreciate you for that.Its an Irony that people have animal instincts towards women & they pretend to be sophisticated.
As far as your husband is concerned you can play a trick but mind it the person should be trustworthy.Do one thing.Ask your male relative to appreciate your navel before your husband but in a humble way.Ask your lady friend to say this dialogue infront of your husband "Ramya, if i could have such a sweet & hot navel like you my husband would have loved it for hours & hours.He becomes mad seeing my navel".And then your friend should say to your husband that how lucky he is to have ramya as her wife having such a sweet navel.
These two incidents will trigger love inside your husband for your navel if really he has heart.

decorate your navel with some belly button or sticker and try to seduce him pretending that actually you are not interested....

First, your navel is very sensitive and that makes you a very exciting woman. I would love your navel with my fingers and lips and tongue. Your navel should be worshiped to give you belly pleasure.
I have found, sadly, that many women do not have an interest in belly button erotic play. The same is true for most men I talk to. My guess is your husband is not interested - but I'm sure he desires you, so he will want to please you.
I think you are doing the right thing, directing his fingers to your navel. Next time, direct his fingers and whisper how good his fingers feel in your belly hole. Undulate your belly and hips to show your pleasure and to excite him. He will, I hope, emediately realize the pleasure he is giving you and continue and if you keep whispering how good it is, I believe he will continue to pleasure your sensitive belly button.
As fro men on the plane - they are rude. They have no right to touch you. I find this offensive. Women deserve respect. If you like the feeling of men looking at your beautiful belly, then show it. You seem to dislike touches from strangers, so all I can suggest is to tell the men (and I know there are many), "Sir, please, hands off me!!" Say it loudly, but not a screem. This will embaras them, I think.

Thank you so much for your concern. I am ok with people looking at my navel. Because it is always exposed during flights, and everybody eyes at it. But poking and sometimes pinching my hips are what I am afraid about. I have been kissed at my navel once by a small boy (some 13 year old) when I stretched to adjust the luggage in the over head cabin. All other passengers were watching. Such an embarrassment. I can't shout at that boy, since he is a kid :(

It is terrible men can be so obnoxious to women. I hate that type of man. The other male passengers, don't they come to your aid?
Is touching, handling, grabbing and bother women common in your country, not just in the air? Do men bother women in the street?
You are from India, I think. Isn't a sari often worn in India? I would think men were used to it and they would look, find you attractive, but not become physical with you.
Well, I do sympathize with you.
If you ever would like to chat, politely about your navel and the good tingly sensations, please let me know. We could have fun, I think.
Oh, your English is excellent. Where did you learn?

That's what you made a mistake if you have told his parent if there with him than or your company employees than it must have felt guilty for that boy for doing such thing in public place, as he does not owes the flight he should some manners of behaving in public place