With Strangers

It's hard for me to keep eye contact with a stranger/someone I've never spoken to. I've heard that if you're a female and you hold someone's gaze for an extended time, it means you're interested, so I always play it on the safe side and look away. I assume that if a guy is interested, he would approach me, but its hard for me to keep staring. I guess i'm a chicken and dont wanna put myself out there like that. Strangely enough, once a conversation is started, eye contact isnt as difficult, its just that initial impression, no words, that gives me problems.
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Eye contact or not.If he is interested and man enough he will let you know.Guys like a chase anyway so look away if you want probably makes you more desirable.

doesnt seem to matter they never make the first move. if its a nice guy they always seem to find something too intimidating about me. only players seem to take the opportunity

Their loss.If they are truly intimidated they aren't for you anyway.

Ive been in and out of that i was like that all my life till i felt more confidant however lately my head seems to look down after looking around once.. im not very happy with what eye contact can potentially do. My mom once told me i should look at people since i have really intense eyes and she said it provokes bad things in people. shes not one to say things like that so i wondered what she meant but usually when i look at people i get spoken to even when i so dont wanna mix with humans.. but once in a while i just try to be polite and slightly fake smile and look away .weird i use to think people could see sadness in peoples eyes but really if you know how to fake a smile they cant