I Dont Want To Send The Wrong Message Or Creep Anyone Out...

I don't like looking guys in the eye because I feel like since im gay, they might think Im flirting with or trying to hit on them. So often times at work I won't even look at the male customers after I've made them their drink... And especially if I actually DO find them attractive. I just don't want to be consider stereotypical, but Im sure I come off rude more often times than not....
SumthnPersnl10 SumthnPersnl10
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Yes I also have the same problem

I know how you feel. Sometimes I can't look others in the eye either. You seemed to be worried about how guys would react if you looked them in the eye......have you ever considered what they think when you don't?

yes I knw what you mean im so worried about holding eye contact and giving the wrong impression