Omg I Thought It Was Only Me!!!

I hate to look people in the eye for more than a second it just makes me feel weird. When i walk down the hall at work and i see a coworker i look at them and smile then hurry up and look away. I thought something was wrong with me but i think I just have low self esteem or something even though people think im beautiful I just never felt that way.
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I have been trying but its so dang hard.

I'm working on this one too. I was born with a lazy eye and back then, surgery was a risk. As a kid I put up with a lot of comments about it and it has made it hard for me to look people in the eye. I have one friend that comments on it every time I see him and I'm glad that he does because it has just become the norm for me and I know it isn't a good thing.<br />
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Add to that the damage that 18 years in a sexless marriage has done to my self esteem and the problem is compounded.<br />
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One more thing I'm going to work on in 2011.

I have the same problem and I'm about to work in retail where eye contact and interactions are critical. I'll be doing one hell of an acting job. <br />
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Ready for my closeup mr. Demille.

I need to work on it, I am trying really hard