Er, Do You Mind Facing Your Eyes Somewhere Else?

I find it quite awkward to maintain eye contact. I do try, because I'm aware that it can appear rude because people might think that I'm not listening, but it's tough when it can feel similar to having laser beams searing into your soul.

I'm fine with my immediate family - it's with other people that I find it hard.

My brother recently discovered how amusing it is to play the "staring game" with strangers (yes, he is indeed an adult lol.) You know when your eyes accidentally meet with someone else's and then you or the other person looks away? Well, instead of looking away keep staring to see their reaction.

An elderly lady did this to my younger kid brother a few days ago and after much nervous glancing around he, remembering his brother's words, forced himself to look back. They stared for a while and then burst out laughing.

I wonder why that lady was doing that in the first place. Maybe she was actually laughing at him because he had a booger sticking out or something :/

Also I wonder why it is that you can feel it when someone is staring at you. Laser beams...
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Whenever I'm walking along the road, if someone walks past me I always look down, regardless of whether or not I know them, unless they are very close friends.