Am I Good Enough?

I don't know if it's because im not good enough or if im too shy or if i look weird.. What is it? Jocks and preps make fun of me and people think im all around strange... Do I dress weird Or do i have a bad haircut?? what is it?? Why can't i have friends like everyone else?
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Sounds like the people around you are ridiculously shallow then. :/ I've been in your position ever since I started school! People would just take one look at me, and they'd suddenly "hate me" and pick on me or spread rumors about me. I would have total strangers come up to me and call me an "emo ****" "*****" "ugly" and they would even tell me to kill myself. l would come home, and have my dad treat me like if I didn't matter. long story short, I was basically harassed and treated like a subhuman wherever I went. It didn't stop till I was in high school.

Chances are it could be your sense of style or how you dress, but honestly I wouldn't know what to tell you since there isn't much information. I've noticed that people tend to follow the "jocks" and "preps" cuz they are "popular" and everyone just wants to follow the crowd and feel safe.For example, when i was in middle school, there was this kid that hated me for no particular reason and he got his group of friends to pick on me and be jerks. Later, the guy moved away and his friends were suddenly nice to me and apologized. They admit that they only did it cuz their friend would influence them and I guess they wanted to fit in and didn't want to be picked on.

All I can say is to keep your head high and don't let these jerks make you feel like anything less of a person. If they can't see the good in you well F them. They probably just do it for attention or to feel "superior" or w.e. Do you excel in the classroom? Maybe they feel intimidated by how bright you are. it's all stupid childish behavior and typical, but don't be brought down by that.

By the looks of it, you and I are about the same age and in high school. are you a junior or a senior? sophomore? Let me tell you that right now, your main concern should be on your grades and going to a good college. Forget the losers who pick on you, you'll have the last laugh once you are out there pursuing the career of your dreams and having fun in college. Start looking into scholarships and try to get the best grades you can. Do some volunteer work, you'll be helping others, having fun, and you might make some friends along the way. Like I've said, don't let a small egoistic group of people bring you down. :)