Getting Help To Zzz

My sleeping issues began a couple of years ago. I was anxious about a big project at work and a good night's sleep was the first thing to go. I tossed and turned. Not sleeping only helped increase the rest of my stress related issues and I wound up in the ER with pre-atrial contractions. It was nothing but it scared me. My physician put me on Trazadone to help me sleep and it eventually worked really well. I slept all night though woke up in a stupor. If I stopped taking it, I was wide awake at 2AM. I finally had enough of how muddy it made my mind feel.

My Dr suggested hypnotherapy. I eventually found a therapist and made it on to her schedule. I have seen her three times and I like it. I have not been hypnotized yet, but will be tomorrow. As with most things with the mind, there always underlying issues to work through. I have been off my meds for a week with some success. I am looking forward to being hypnotized and eventually having everything ironed out.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

forget being hypnotized..... I drink 5 stage sleep shot and OMG it kicks my butt!!!!! it puts me to sleep within like 30 minutes and i get to sleep all night :) wake up feeling great and <br />
i think the web gives a free sample<br />
<br />
hope it helps u like it helps me<br />
sara lee :)