Since I Was Little I've Had Sleep Problems

My name is Pebbles, and I'm an adult enuretic with PTSD. As I've found out through experience and reading, many of us with PTSD have problems with sleep, no matter what the cause of our PTSD is. Enuresis is not my only issue,so is Sleep Apnea, as well as Sleep Maintenence Insomnia, which is where you can fall asleep on your own, but wake during the middle of the night. At first, immediately after I acquired my PTSD, I was too afraid to fall asleep because that was where my Anesthesia Awareness nightmares/ flashbacks were. However, later on I learned how to distract myself from thinking about it before sleep, and that helped alot with the nightmares, and bring able to sleep longer and longer, but still not long enough, because I'd still wake at 2 or 3 in the morning. I started smoking marijuana, which helped me relax enough to dare to try to sleep again. After that,I noticed my memory was better, so was my mood, and I just FELT better all over after a short period of time.  I still wake in the middle of the night, I fall asleep an hour faster, and sleep sounder. All in all, I think I'm doing ok with the sleep issues I have. I treat them the best I've learned, and I mostly sleep ok, about 6-7 hours on average a night. That's enough to function well I've discovered. After doing all that reading on sleep,e I've decided to major in sleep medicine, so I can help others sleep better too. 
   I believe now my sleep apnea and my REM sleep are related to my Anesthesia Awareness. When I'm I'm regular, non dream sleep, I stop breating maybe 5-6 times an hour. When I dream, it jumps to twenty three times an hour I think in response to the nightmares I occasionally have. I really don't think it's a coincidence. Still, I mange my sleep issues, not them manage me. If anyone who reads this wants to chat about sleep, please drop me a line! :-)
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I tried counting sheep but one was lost so I was up all f**kin night worrying about it.

Heheheheh!! I know what you mean!