Yesterday, wile i was sleeping i kept feeling alot of pressure on my chest (around the rib area), so i guess i partialy woke up, and all of the sudden i couldnt move or speak. It was hard to breath, the pressure got stronger, and stronger, and stronger, as it went on, i began to hear this man voice, talking very quickly, and this strange music in the backround, and when i finally could move again, that rib area was like pulsating, it didnt hurt but it felt very weird. Now was that a sleep incubus, or a simple sleep paralysis?
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014 is what I found for information :)

I tried to go on there but it tells me enter in my email, i did, but it wont load

weird..thankfully I've never experienced that..anytime I see, hear or feel unknown things - don't laugh now - I Google it