*Babbles Off Into Silence*

Whenever I try to explain anything verbally - be it a concept, opinion, or feeling - I always screw it up. Half the time, my friends have to tell me to slow down, or virtually conduct an interview to find out what on earth I'm trying to tell them. My family almost always communicates with me through these methods! :P

It gets so frustrating, not being able to express clearly what I want to get out. I much prefer to write than speak, and as sez said in her story, sometimes that makes me feel like a bit of a bore to be around. It's especially bad when the ppl around me are smart, witty and opinionated - a substantial percentage of the ppl I know. I really do need a nice sociable person to be around before I can start chatting along with some sense! My friends usually can help me out, but normally only if there's a few of them talking already, or if the topic is interesting to me.

I usually have trouble finding the right words, and the meaning and intent is usually all messed up. My sister tells me that the way I talk often comes off as aggressive and mean. Yikes!

I'm supposed to be writing an essay on language and the whole debate between nature vs nature. Needless to say, I am not making very much headway at all!

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I can relate to what your saying. I seem to never find the right words to express what I'm thinking. Or when I think I do, people totally misinterpret me.

Cocoon, saying what you mean is the key. You will never regret honesty.

I can understand the "not finding the right words" part and the messy explanations very well... <br />
I get this feeling in situations that "Now something important needs to be said" - but I'm so slow in getting my thoughts and feelings straightened out, and I rarely find words that words mean what I want them to mean... So the moments pass and what needed to be said wasn't :(<br />
I've screwed up my 2 relationships partly through this kind of stuff. Not that the other party didn't have any responsibility in the communication getting all messed up, but... <br />
I think for me, it's mostly not wanting to say something I will regret later. Or something I won't MEAN later. So anything negative I might change my mind about I can't talk about. hahah. Sounds confusing? Exactly ;)

well~~ this is what actually i am feeling in my whole life~~<br />
The kind of extracurricular programs like toastmaster interested me during my whole school life, but i was always just 'eager' to join, i didn't actually join any...<br />
The last attempt was only by sending email to ask whether i could join, but it's like... i was not getting the right one..<br />
then, i never tried any more.

Yeah, it sucks when you've got a sensitive moment, and you can feel what should be said, but you're too afraid to open your mouth for fear of screwing it up. <br />
<br />
There seems to be a kind of therapy for everything! ;> Whether or not it works....

But I can see how it inspired these thoughts. Yes, it must be a huge problem. I'm one of those people (lucky or just annoying?) who if plonked on a stage in front of 5000 people and asked to talk to them for an hour, could just go for it. I'd rattle something off, and even get a few laughs. I'm so used to being able to do this that I take it for granted. It must be sheer HELL not being able to communicate little things one to one. Is there any sort of group therapy out there for this? How about Toastmasters? I know that can help people who stammer.