(sorry about all the grammar and language mistakes, my english is not perfect but i'm trying to improve)   I wanted to tell you about my relationship with my brother...It was always a little bit complicated. I mean, we were always good friends, and we loved eachother very much. My brother had always problems with finding friends so he was very often near me. He didn't like to be alone but he was too shy to talk with other boys. When we grew up I think he started to get a little bit.. Overprotective,maybe? Our parents worked from morni ng to midnight and my brother was already old enough to take care of me. So every day the two of us grew closer. But then he started to act strange. Everytime I came home from school he always asked me questions like: "Where the hell have you been?" or "Who were spending time with?" or "Why are you late?". And still he keeps asking me those questions. He sulks when I tell him that I have enough of his questioning. He irritates when I hang with my friends. He always acts so cold and blunt towards my best friend when she visits me. And I started thinking that she likes me less because of my brother. But he doesn't care. He is also very strict. He always checks my homework,asks me about my marks and so forth. He is more controlling than my parents. I don't have a boyfriend, but I have some friends that are males. When they call me, my brother always picks up the phone and says things like "What do you want?". When I tell him that these are my friends and I don't like the way he acts towards them he answers: "Why do you even waste your time on them? You don't need them. You have me.". And I think It's because he never really had friends. He is 3 years older than me but sometimes he acts like he is my father. Is he overprotective or is it a normal big brother behaviour (or whatever It's called)? I'm also worried, I don't want to lose my friends because of him but how to tell him that I have enough of his behaviour?
Macaronz Macaronz
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014