I dont know why everytime it is just arguing. I dont know why it has to be like this. Everytime I try to think of a time when we both had such a great time. My mom has three kids including me. I am the middle child. My father never raised me and denied I was his untill he saw my face that is was the identical to his. Till this day the man still doesnt look for me. They say that sometimes the feelings you have towards your unborn child is the way the child will feel throughout their life. Well that saying is a hundred times real to me. I can tell you more sad stories with my mother than good ones. All I can tell you is that we have had to the extreme arguments. She has scratched, hit, call me crazy, called me a *****, she would ignore me, she said that I am the worst she has ever had, she would talk bad abput me, HER DAUGHTER, to her friends, she would defend her husband in everything even when I am right, she wont say a word when him and me argue, she shows more love and preferns to the eldest and youngest, everything is no for me. Sometimes I thinknshe only has me because I her obligation, not because she loves me. And the worst part is that I tell her how I feel with tears running down my face like a waterfall and this is what she will say "Stop being crazy and ignorant." With an emotionless face. And trust me you do not know the many times I had run away from home. I even tried to kill myself on Christmas Eve because I had an ugly argument with her drunken husband. You also do not know the many nights I have went to sleep with tears on my face. Yes we had a few laughs but its still short next to the times we would argue.
If you damn well know that your mother loves you and cares about you, then I want you to take this time and go hug her, and kiss her, and tell her you love her. And thank her for being such a great mother. You dont know how lucky you are. You dont know how much I would want that.
anonymousheartbroken anonymousheartbroken
18-21, F
Aug 21, 2014