Liz- Strange Dream

I started having prophetic dreams since I was 13 years old. I developed this skill by praying and meditation. I can recall many prophetic dreams which made an impact in my life. The most recent dream occurred about two weeks ago and it was related to a family issue. I was unable to change or prevent the event from happening. In this dream, I met my brother in a hallway and he kissed me and left in a hurry. In the same dream someone told me that he was going to get marry and that my mother's eyes were half-way shut. Sadly, five days ago I had a disagreement with my mother about a family issue that involves my bother and me. I was explaining my beliefs and eventually the argument escalated. The part that brother will be getting married, has not come true yet, but he is getting a divorce by the end of July and he is already in a relationship that will probably end up in marriage, in regards to my mother's eyes, she was so in denial during our conversation that I feel that she is not seeing the truth of the matter, she is blind.

brendalizhern brendalizhern
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Some of my dreams are hard to understand but some are right on and I understand your experiences with dreams. Many women in my family have experienced similar dreams that told of future life events. Very interesting story.