Attending World War 3 Memorial

My Name is Evan,

I was living in Christchurch New Zealand in Sept 2010 when I had a very vivid vision of what I believe was our future.
I am a Spirit filled born again Christian in my mid thirties now and have had several visions of things to come.

I had a very short dream/vision in the early hours of the morning in Sept 2010:

I was standing in front of what look to be some sort of very important memorial, in a major Asian city, maybe China. i front of me was a huge triangular pyramid of made up of different varieties of flowers.
There were several layers of different kinds of flowers making up each of the 4 faces of the pyramid.
I noticed the bottom layer were deep red roses and the top layer were yellow Daffidills.
I was told the bottom layer of red roses represented China, who had lost the most people during the nuclear war. Each layer of flowers represented the proportion of people each nation had lost.
I was with a large group of elderly war veterans from all over the world.
There was a band playing some very uplifting classical music which made me cry. I couldn't stop crying as it was a hugely emotional day.
I had the sense that there was a very unified peace on earth at this point in time, and there were several prominent officials from some sort of consortium of nations who were working closely together.
I woke up in tears and told my wife.

I will never forget this vision.
zealman zealman
Dec 9, 2012