I Know About Www3, The Rapture, And One World Government..and They're Soon.

God knows I'm too shy to preach, and my walk with Him has only recently become close, so the only thing I will adamantly suggest is Bible study; the journey always starts there...Now, my dreams are a series:
Dream 1 occurred during the summer of 2012:
I'm walking on a boardwalk at the Jersey Shore, so lucid and real I can feel the air and feel the shift of the boards beneath me with my steps. I'm with two close female relatives. I look around and see dilapidation of the store fronts, and surroundings but my companions are still window shopping like everything is fine. The scene changes and I excitedly lead my companions to a place (personal) in NYC and when we go inside. It's empty, dark, and wet. The scene changes back to the boardwalk and my companions are way ahead of me, and I call for them to wait up, and then I see a traffic sign that flashes a date (I can't disclose the date in this piece of writing, God has told me not to -really) A feeling of doom and dread engrossed me, and I was all to aware that this was going to be a climatic date in history.
Dream 2 occurred New Year's Eve 2012:
I'm walking in a field- very early spring or early fall, we are wearing coats, with my husband, and animals. Next scene: I'm in a beautiful brown and white ballroom, I'm wearing a wedding dress, in the style of the dress I wore when I married my husband. Women I can only describe as ballerinas, wearing sunset pink dresses, were sewing on sleeves, and making adjustments to my dress. I distinctly remember my shoes, they had a layer of tulle from the edge of the shoe to my ankles.
Next scene: In a large, candlelight dining room, among many long tables filled with food, awards were being given and my husband and I recieved an award.
Dream 3 occurred a few days later:
I'm on the porch of my home with my husband, it's spring, but more likely summer, since we are in T-shirts. We're talking (personal) then, from the edge of the porch, we hear a popping sound, then we see sparks, like a little firework is going off. Then we are mesmerized by rainbow prism that was shining adjacent to the spot of the 'firework'. Then the air begins to swirl in that spot, and also, I noticed it was swirling over my left shoulder to. I get pulled up by my head into the swirl over my shoulder, my husband goes into the one we were looking at. I wasn't scared but I was worried about my husband and I was calling his name.
Dream 4 occurred the week of Jan 20, 2012 (presidental inauguration): I walk into a diner, its winter, I am bundled up like an eskimo. Just inside the door are a group of distant 'troubled' relatives of mine. They stare me down, and tell me I better call my father soon. I say ok, and tell them I'm only there for breakfast and then I'll be leaving. I sit down at a table far away from them, but two of my 'troubled' female relatives move to a closer table to continue staring me down. I'm holding a card, a credit card, to assumingly pay for my expectant meal (that I didn't have, since I woke up.) The card was blue and white and had the UN symbol.
I'm not going to say what the dreams mean to me. I believe I am to share them so others can pull out what speaks to them.
God Bless and Good Luck,
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I can relate to your dreams since God shows me many things through dreams and also tells me things that are to kept secret and sealed until he says so and gives me green light to share them with others. So, keep them concealed and obey him.

Another thing is that I believe dream 2 is like a dream of the great celebration that the Bride of Christ will participate in the Rapture when we the Church of God sits with him to the table to eat. (I really get excited talking about this 'cause we can only imagine, but I know imagination is not enough to describe what we will experience in the Kingdom of God.) Lastly, I believe God is showing you what is moving in the government and the powers behind the scenes that control public figures and organizations. Although I can't really interpret with clarity all the simbology in your dreams I can percieve this much.

If you have many dreams with God (like I do) start writting them down on a notebook and ask Him for the revelation of the dream and of the things that are to come. Trust me, he does it!

God Bless you more!