Always have. But it wasn't until I went to college (and eventually moved) out to the Southwest that suddenly they became a nearly daily realizations. Like driving down a road at sunset, it hit me that I had dreamt this years ago- when I was 10, on this one road at sunset. Same week I realized that a dream I had had at age 13 featuring two ppl with stretched out, disproportional faces, if I where to imagine the faces in correct proportions down to the scar of one of their necks they where identical to a pair of college friends I met at age 19 (the sentiment of said dream is much our relationship now- still close and loving but from afar). I even dreamt of my own rape the month before- twice (and tbh, it made me feel better bc they expressed that there was no action that could have prevented it and the events that were to unfold were not my choices. that those around me had a choice and their choices even if they affected me where not choices I could make for them or even explain to them. And consequences could be good or bad, but never avoidable or irrelevant).
In the same time frame I had one dream that haunts me, because it was different and yet the realist dream I have ever had. I was in the Hall of dreams, and Atum Ra was guiding me through. Telling me about the doors in and out of other's dreams (how these doors are literal representations of ppl's character and soul), the connection between our dreams, time and who we are. How to slip in and out and the rule of degrees (never visit someone too close to yourself).
I have super hero dreams from time to time, but it wasn't until after that dream that some of my super hero dreams changed and featured me a Ra's Trustee, Ra's Guardian, or the most frequent, Ra's Agent (my sidekick(s) is not associated with Ra in these dreams but I can tell they are someone's trustee/guardian/agent I am simply unaware of whos).
I am sharing all of this because something is nagging at me and I can't figure out what... Generally the dream about the Hall of Dreams bothers me and I just cant let it go, but that isn't whats chewing me up. I just cant place a finger on what it is right now, but its driving me nuts...
I feel like I've ranted enough.
InarudelRi InarudelRi
26-30, F
Aug 21, 2014