I Refused Prostate Surgery

If I believed doctors I would have already been dead three times, so maybe this event is different. But I would rather die that have my prostate completely removed.

On a scale of 0 to 7, mine was 4, and a doctor, later his boss, told me surgery was the only option. Since I flat refuse that with not a second thought, another doctor suggest radiation, with the same answer.

For more than a year prior to the test I had to get up every two to four hours to urinate. I had already been able to get the size from 12 down to 5 that did not make much difference, so I was not surprised about the cancer. But with two herbs (graviola and turmeric) the symptoms were gone in three weeks. Now I can sometimes sleep eight hours without interruption. But having done a a lot of experiments, I know some things that will get the symptoms back in a few hours. Most of that is sugar that feeds cancer.

If the doctors description is correct and removing symptoms does not count, I still have no fear of death.

marvinlzinn marvinlzinn
66-70, M
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Marvin: how are you doing now? Quality of life? How old are you? I am 68...recently diagnosed. very reluctant abt removing prostate. Small tumor, localized. 6/10 on agressive scale. Not ready to giveup sex

I wish I would have researched more before I decided. Had the radical. Now I still wake up twice during the night,dont ********* anymore and my **** is smaller and curved. WTF ? They dont tell you any of that !

I'm happy to find someone who seems to share my own feelings about this disease. I have been attempting to control it with diet for 3 years with some success. I avoid both sugar and carbohydrates. I will try adding graviola and tumeric to my diet. Thank you for the information.

I was diagnosed November 2008. Gleason 6, biopsy 2 of 12 pos %5 each. Found a couple of web sites, Ustoo.org and prostate cancer research institute. After much research and deliberation I chose active surveillance and entered a research study. I get checked regularly and so far no changes.

AS is not for everyone but for some men that meet certain criteria it can be a good option. For each man, treatment is a personal decision, it is best to understand all the options. Every treatment has risks.

Good luck going forward.

i too was just diagnosed and will watch and wait and thinking of takeing the same path as you